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Yoga & Pilates Studio Keeps Customers Coming With Personalized Printed Calendar Card

A studio teaching yoga and pilates classes wanted to convey its message of inner tranquility in an imprinted promotional gift to its clients for the upcoming and potentially stressful holiday season. This customized wall calendar card worked beautifully to express the studios mindset of serenity and to show its gratitude to its clients with an understated elegance not usually found in most business gift logo items. With compact dimensions of 7 7/8" X 5 5/8", this calm-inducing promotional calendar card fits easily on a desk, refrigerator, wall, or almost anywhere deemed appropriate for a useful and beautiful date reminder. This imprinted calendar card was sent to clients in the included gold-lined white envelope not only as a tasteful advertising and promotional item with a gentle and reassuring message, but as a practical holiday custom gift as well.

Travel Agency Flies Non-Stop With Custom Tee Shirt For Company Logo Apparel Gift

A travel agency specializing in commercial clients sent every department head in each company for which it provided services a case filled with this attractive screen printed tee shirt as a customized corporate gift to kick off the summer season. The tee shirts were adorned with the travel agency's imprinted logo of a palm tree against the selected color of Natural for the shirt. Weighing only 5.3 - 5.6 ounces, this imprinted tee shirt provided lightweight summer casual wear for the clients and their employees in addition to being a personalized product that served as an ideal advertising and promotional item for the travel agency. This marketing idea struck gold as a discount promotional product that paid for itself many times over in bookings for the agency as well as helping to promote an enduring business relationship with its clients

Tire Company Reminds Garage Mechanics What Time It Is With Custom Promotional Clock

A tire company sent this promotional clock to garages with the year's top 10 highest sales of its brand of tires as a gift of appreciation. Beneath the company's imprinted logo, the business name of the garage and the slogan "Quality Tires Every Times" were engraved onto the imprinted clock as an addition to a marketing idea that succeeded both as an advertising and promotional item as well as providing an attractive timepiece for the garages offices. The tire company selected Black from a two-color selection and Roman Numbered from three popular clock-face options for this customized promotional item. This award idea recognition item served not only as a token of thanks to the garage owners/managers for their loyalty to the tire company's product, but also as a daily reminder of the company's quality products, availability, and customer service.

Sports Bar Sends Message With Bic Personalized Pen

A downtown sports bar owner set several brandy snifters filled with this good-looking yet inexpensive promotional pen on its bar at locations that were near the cash register. This company imprinted pen was placed to make sure it was handy for customers when they were ready to sign credit card vouchers, checks, and running tabs, and was offered as a customized gift after customers had used it. A dimpled rubber grip made this custom promotional pen a comfortable imprinted writing instrument, and the sports bar owner selected Medium Point Black Ink features from three other options to make it an all-around customized pen suitable for almost all occasions. Offered in five colors, the bar owner chose selections from all of them to add variety. This logo gift pen was imprinted on both the barrel and the cap with the bars name and its address.

Sporting Goods Store Scores Big With Customized Promo Water Bottle Giveaway

A sporting goods store shipped cases of this discount promotional item to officials of a childrens sport league along with 10 %-off coupons and a short note about preventing dehydration tucked inside each of these imprinted personalized promos. The customized water bottle and coupon were handed out at the beginning of the sport season to children's parents, along with the teams list of apparel, footwear, and other items the children needed for participation the sports team. This generous 21-ounce promo water bottle was purchased in white and imprinted on both sides with the stores company logo in purple to coordinate with the lid. As a customized promotional item, this personalized product served as a strategic marketing idea to publicize the stores name while addressing an important health issue pertaining to children at the same time.

Resort Hits a Hole-In-One With Custom Logo Golf Shirt

A resort offering corporate retreats added a special offer of sponsoring golf tournaments for its clients employees who were attending retreats at the resorts facilities. The resort gave out this high-quality custom logo polo shirt in sizes ranging from S-2XL to all its clients employees participating in the golf tournaments. This custom embroidered apparel featured the resorts logo on each customized golf shirt in a bold contrasting color against the Wine it chose from eight other color selections offered. Every custom polo shirt showed quality details, which included a three-button closure, twill tape in neck and vents, and tailoring to give a neat appearance in a business corporate gift that was unique, yet easily lent itself for daily wear. As a personalized product tastefully designed, this shirt stayed under par for the resorts budget and scored a birdie with it as an advertising and promotional item

Printed Mug Works Wonders as Discount Promotional Item for Dog Groomer

A dog grooming company wanted an imprinted item for its clients to not only keep the animal services business it operated on their minds, but also to pull double duty as a reminder for their customers to bring in their pets before those with long coats became so matted the groomers were forced to shave them. Along with an imprinted logo, the company added the line Don't Forget Your Pet! Is it Time to Groom? to this good-looking, unbreakable, customized mug, which they presented to each client at the time of payment. What might, at first glance, have appeared to be a cheap promotional item not only paid off handsomely as a practical gift, but served to remind the company's customers of their dogs grooming needs. With Item 2202, the dog grooming business successfully employed excellent, think-ahead marketing savvy by supplying this logo drinkware as a business giveaway marketing device.

Plant Nursery Sows Marketing Idea, Reaps Sales With Custom Personalized Greeting Card

A tree and plant nursery wanted to increase its fall business to approach its springtime sales success. As a reminder to all its customers, many of whom included landscape professionals as well as homeowners and hobby gardeners, the nursery sent this holiday imprinted greeting card to all names and addresses on its database. The nursery's customized logo, along with an added line and timely imprinted prompt that “Fall is for Planting, was added to the traditional Thanksgiving greeting in an effort to boost fall sales. The nursery company selected brown lettering for this imprinted item and one of four seasonal verses offered for the inside of the printed greeting card. The nursery was able to take advantage of a holiday product promoter in such as way as to build goodwill as well as increase fall sales

Pizza Parlor Packs a Punch With Printed Promotional Product

A pizza restaurant wanted an advertising and promotional item to let its customers know it was now delivering and used this custom logo magnet with an attached note pad holder to send out the message. The eatery placed the customized magnet and note pads in each box of pizza it delivered for one month. The refillable pad holder made it convenient for customers to write their orders rather than trying to remember everyones' favorite pizza topping, and the promotional marketing magnet with the restaurants logo, phone number, and We Deliver imprinted line could be kept conveniently on a refrigerator, file cabinet, or other metal surface. At 3 5/16" x 1 11/16" the custom logo magnet portion of this imprinted specialty item was large enough to prominently display the restaurant's information, while the 3 " x 4 " dimensions of the pad were the perfect size for quick notes, messages, grocery lists, and pizza orders.

Personalized Apparel Points to Safety and Sales for Tire Company Owner

A tire business sponsored a local amateur car-racing event and supplied the cockpit crews with Item 2047 in a different color for each group. The tire business owner had the company's imprinted logo emblazoned across the back of this custom tee shirt, and the line Don't Get Dead Check Your Tread on the back. Not only did the couldn't-miss message of this advertising and promotional item serve as a catchy safety alert for readers of the shirt to perform an important and simple maintenance check, but it also won points and sales as a smart marketing idea. In employing this customized apparel as a way of putting the tire company's name in front of the pit-crew members as well as all the spectators, this promotional business product worked hard to drive more sales toward the company in addition to encouraging excellent public relations in the area.

Organic Vitamin & Health Food Shop Saves While Selling Custom Totes as Advertising and Promotional Item

Knowing many of its clientele were repeat customers, an organic health food and vitamin shop began offering personalized totes free with each $25 purchase. The totes not only advocated the shop's holistic approach to recycling, but they also saved the store money by not needing to buy as many paper or plastic bags for customer purchases as well as serving as a printed promotional product. The personalized totes were embroidered with the shops logo of a green and light-blue Earth, which contrasted against the solid navy background the shop selected from the three colors offered: Navy, Black, or Natural. Made of durable cotton duck, these promotional totes offered the shop's customers a generous 17" x 14 " x 3" shopping tote with a 23" handle for ease of carrying that could be laundered and reused for years.

Neighborhood Newspaper Marketing Idea Comes up a Winner With Imprinted Promotional Item

A neighborhood newspaper publisher employed promotional marketing savvy with this personalized desk accessory. Practical, functional, and attractively shaped like a star, it cradles up to four CDs with a foam liner and plenty of room to display the paper's customized logo. This imprinted promotional gift was sent to all the publisher's advertisers with a short note advising them of their star status with the newspaper. An ideal and inexpensive custom imprinted business gift, the Star CD Holder is 5 5/8" x 5 1/8" x 1 3/4"  big enough to notice every day on an advertiser's desk, yet small enough to be out of the way. The newspaper selected blue from a selection of 11 colors for this promotional logo product comes, and white for its imprinted logo from the four colors offered.

Local College Sends Personalized Pencil to Pundits for Refresher Reminder

A college wanted to remind area teachers of state-required refresher courses it was then currently offering in a variety of disciplines. Knowing that nothing will get an envelope opened faster than a promotional gift item, even a small one, the college realized the stationery's bulk created an irresistible enticement to open it. The college sent out an informational letter detailing its class offerings and included Item 1456 as a handy business promotional gift. A useful and practical custom promotional item, this bulk pencil personalized with the institution's imprinted logo was also a subtle reminder of the college, itself, and worked to place the college one step ahead of the competing local university in the minds of potential students. This tried-and-true marketing idea proved, as always, to be a hit in the field of Education as well as it has always been successful as a cheap promotional item in almost every other area of advertising endeavor

Insurance Agent Combines Work and Play With Golf Tees as Promotional Product for Company

Knowing business and golf are often combined, an insurance professional takes advantage of this inexpensive imprinted promotional item to keep his company's logo and phone number at hand and in mind. At 2 1/8" x 15/32" these custom golf logo tees are small enough to always have plenty on hand to give away at social functions, meetings, and just about any other occasion. The small size enabled the agent to even send these personalized golf ball tees inexpensively to clients through the mail, making business seem more like pleasure with a fun imprinted promotional product. With 15 tee colors and a rainbow of hues to select from for an imprint, the insurance agent chose red with a black imprint for his company logo tool. This color combination not only stands out against fairways and greens, but also shrewdly announces the urgency and importance of his product and service.

Hotel Chain Reminds Patrons of Its Presence Every Day With Monthly Pocket Planners

A hotel chain utilizes this custom monthly calendar to prompt busy travelers of its presence in major cities across the United States. Time zones and area-code charts are included to make this smart pocket calendar a powerful marketing and promotional tool. Each time a business traveler uses it to schedule his/her time, the hotels logo and reservations number is presented on the front as a reminder of its availability and convenience. Offered in four marbleized colors (black, burgundy, green, blue) with imprint choices of gold, silver, or white, the hotel company selected green and blue with an elegant gold imprint to denote luxury, style, and tranquil comfort for its guests. The hotel company had its housekeeping department lay this imprinted calendar on turned-down beds in each room, next to 'the complimentary mints, to make this custom logo item immediately available in the event the traveler's next destination would be a city in which the hotel operated.

Health & Fitness Club Beefs Up Membership With Branded Bag

Doubling as a backpack, this lightweight multi-purpose imprinted bag was given to a health club's new members as a handy customized gift and personalized promotional product. As an advertising specialty product, the bag's 13 " x 17" dimensions made it ideal not only to hold patrons' health-club items, such as footwear and towels, but also came in handy for the beach, shopping, and family excursions excellent exposure for an imprinted promo product. From a selection of six different colors, the club chose Red to emphasize its imprinted logo. With an imprint area of 7" x 3", the health club's logo was exceptionally easy to see, making it score high as an advertising and promotional item. The190-thread-count nylon bag's durability and easy-care laundering made it one of the club's most effective and successful imprinted personalized promos for a below-budget cost.

Government Agency Awards Stars and Takes Care of Tension With Custom Stress Ball

An agency within the state government, whose employees dealt with irate citizens on a daily basis, offered this star-shaped imprinted stress ball, Item 1346, to all its workers who had voluntarily participated in an optional training program teaching them how to relax during and after trying episodes with angry citizens. The agency wanted to let its employees know they were all stars' and used this imprinted item as a reward to keep as a fun desk accessory or to use! Although some of the agency's training program participants chuckled, quite a few of them were later seen actually utilizing the stress ball, which proved its worth not only as an imprinted specialty item desk accessory, but truly gave many a valuable tool with which to vent pent-up emotions. This custom imprinted product served as an excellent example of how a Government agency utilized a personalized promotional item to benefit not only its employees, but indirectly, its citizens as well.

Gourmet Grocer Sends Logo Calendar to Make Dates With Customers

A newly opened grocery store specializing in high-end gourmet and imported foods put a marketing idea into play by bulk-mailing upscale neighborhoods this promotional wall calendar, prominently imprinted with the store's logo. This good-looking imprinted calendar not only featured date blocks that were large enough to write in, but also presented delectable, eye-appealing recipes that included ingredients and products the grocer stocked. For easy turning, the grocery store selected this custom imprinted item to be spiral bound, as opposed to the staple-bound alternative. Gift-bulk envelopes were chosen from a selection of three other envelope types to mail this 13-month custom calendar that also featured UV-coated covers for protection and durability. By not only performing exceptionally well as a practical and attractive gift for an affluent customer base, this custom promotional product successfully did its job by announcing the gourmet grocer's presence with a tasteful personalized item.

Garden Center Supplier Bags Sales, Helps Customers With Bulk Totes

A garden center supplier handed out literature-filled personalized totes to each potential customer that visited the booth it had set up at the industry's yearly tradeshow event. Each personalized tote bag proved its worth by doing its job successfully as a discount promotional item imprinted with the supplier's customized logo. These high-quality, diecut poly imprinted logo bags were a generous 9" x 12" roomy enough to contain plenty of the various tradeshow items that were offered as customers browsed. The 2.0 mil strength of this promotional gift item, along with its convenient cut-out handle, provided durability as well as a comfortable, easy-to-carry feature for the tradeshow visitors. Not only was the supplier able to distribute its literature in a practical, business-savvy way, it also provided a service to tradeshow attendees by giving them something

Fuel Company Keeps Farmers Up-to-Date With Handsome Calendar Promo

Item 1259, a quality-made, 13-month, custom printed calendar, was sent yearly as a small, yet practical, token of appreciation to farmers and other agricultural-related businesses from a gasoline and petroleum-related products company. This nicely rendered, personalized printed calendar was sent along with a note to each of the company's customers to express the company's appreciation and to encourage its clients to place orders early for supplies in the coming year. The company selected the spiral-bound version of this imprinted promotional gift and had the business calendar customized with the company's own distinctive imprinted logo. This always-welcome, end-of-the-year calendar gift personalized the company in the eyes of its customers as well as provided a hard-working promotional tool that served its purpose daily to keep not only the company and its products, but the Fuel-Oil industry as a whole in a favorable light.

Fashion Magazine Ensures Reader Loyalty Even While Traveling

Since taste and good grooming go hand in hand, a magazine catering to women's fashion employed this personalized promotional product to keep their readers thinking about them while on the road. The magazine's selection of Frosty Purple for the case and components, and its imprinted item logo boldly in white presented a quiet yet strong statement of the magazine's royalty among publications. Other colors include Frosty Blue and Frosty White. This compact designer manicure kit was sent as a promotional specialty item to each subscriber in the magazine's database during the summer months to target vacationing women as well as those traveling for business. This personalized item includes color-coordinated scissors, clippers, buffer, file, and a cuticle tool all fitting neatly within a clamshell insert that slides into an appealing designer case. The magazine combined practicality and chic with this company promotional product to match the lifestyles of its readers.

Energy Drink Manufacturer Teams Ball Caps With Beverages to Sell in Summer

A major energy drink manufacturer skillfully uses this personalized 5-panel, mesh baseball cap as a successful product promoter during warm-weather months to sell even more of its already-popular beverages. Distributed to the drinks' product retailers, the cap is a branded tool offered inexpensively priced to promote perceived value next to prominent product displays and is a highly effective company promotional product. Available in 10 colors, the drink manufacturer selected gold for this baseball cap, customized with the company's stitched logo of a charging bull, to contrast sharply in attention-grabbing red to highlight the drink's effects of dynamic strength and vigor. A small braid underlines the logo on this baseball cap, custom embroidered to the company's specifications, subtly emphasizing the product name. The adjustable plastic strap makes this a one-size-fits-all promo baseball cap that's also cool, lightweight, and washable.

Electronics Store Sells Itself With Wrist-Saving Promo Mouse Pad

During a month-long promotional campaign geared toward keeping its name in front of customers year round, an electronics store gave away this customized mouse pad as a personalized product and advertising specialty item to all customers purchasing $50 or more in software or any other computer-related products. So that this attractive, imprinted promotional gift -- a computer mouse pad personalized with the store's large, distinctive imprinted logo -- would coordinate with any decor, the store selected Black from two other color options, and the wrist-saving, ergo-gel feature worked as an extra bonus to make this promotional gift item that much more appealing to the store's customers. The stylish shape and space-saving design added two more extra features to this custom imprinted promotional item that highlighted its value not only as a great marketing idea, but as a thoughtful customized gift as well.

Deli Supplier Scores Big With Promo Baseball Cap

A delicatessen supplier offered its clients this baseball hat custom embroidered with the deli supplier's logo displayed prominently on the front in case-lot quantities. The supplier offered this custom cap in an arrangement to benefit both the clients and the supplier. If the delicatessens agreed to give the cap to their employees and to allow them to wear this baseball cap custom embroidered with the supplier's logo at the deli at least one day during the workweek for a three-month period, the supplier would provide the caps free as a marketing and promotional gift. It was suggested to the deli owners to offer this apparel branded cap as a free gift to their own customers with each $20 purchase. The caps provided a welcome temporary alternative to the delicatessens' standard employee dress codes while working as a personalized product that granted the supplier a dedicated advertising venue. The personalized baseball cap also gave the delicatessen employees, as well as their patrons, a popular type of casual headwear in addition to providing the delicatessen another product with which to enhance sales

Customized Mug & Thermo Set Promotes Permanence for Temp Agency

A temporary secretarial agency wanted to thank its clients as well as lead them to associate its workforce services with energy, alertness, and speed with a classic business executive gift set. This stunning imprinted coffee mug and matching bullet thermos trip/travel set was hand-delivered personally by agency representatives. From the company's list of Human Services Department managers, each executive received this advertising and promotional item as a gesture of goodwill and thanks for their business during the Christmas/Hanukah season. The personalized logo mug and bullet thermo are finished in polished copper and generous in proportions: The trip mug holds 14 ounces; the thermo, 16.9 ounces. From a selection of three colors offered for this promotional specialty item, the agency chose to contrast its logo in a sophisticated black, making this custom promotional product a conspicuous yet handsome gift.

Computer Troubleshooters Use Mouse Pad and Logo in Lieu of Cheese

A new computer troubleshooting company sent Item 1512, a stylish, high-quality promotional mouse pad, to fifty targeted businesses in a strategic marketing idea promoting its 24-hour availability as well as it many other services. This custom imprinted mouse pad played as a functional steppingstone and effortless branded tool in a smart tactic to keep the company's name and availability always in sight and always in mind. The company's imprinted logo and Here to Help 24/7" slogan on this custom business gift served to remind its potential customers of the extra mile the company would go in order to win and keep  their business. The ergo-gel wrist rest also displayed an unusual thoughtfulness in a promotional product idea and was an excellent illustration of how a High Tech company relied on old-fashioned customer relations through the use of a business promotional gift

Comedy Bar Draws Drivers With Custom Frame License Plate

An uptown bar in a major city that featured stand-up comedians as its major attraction employed this advertising and promotional item to sell itself to passengers as well as to drivers of vehicles who found themselves behind cars bearing the information printed on Item 1447. The comedy bar had its humorous imprinted logo and reservations phone number in white to contrast against the black frame of this advertising specialty in order to complement any car color. The bar then gave this discount promotional item away for several consecutive weekend nights during the summer months to every customer entering the bar. Not only did this customized frame license plate holder make every car that had it mounted an advertising promotional product on wheels, it afforded the vehicle owners' a certain pride and the personal statement of having been to the club. As a very popular imprinted specialty item and as a rather unique form of advertisement for the Entertainment business, this product proved a huge hit.

Children's Charity Offers Imprinted Cup for Cash With Mug Promo

A children's charity seeking donations for young cancer patients offered Item 1331, a personalized coffee cup, during its annual fund raising drive for a gift of $25 or more. The offer was made in a pre-season holiday letter to former donors and included pictures of the mug. This imprinted promotional item with its customized logo held a hefty 16 ounces and was described in the donation letter as being as generously proportioned as the hearts of donors. The promotional cup was a huge success in not only attracting donations, but also in keeping the needs of its young patients on the minds of their benefactors long past the time it was first received. Perfect for coffee, hot tea, cocoa, or even as a holder for writing instruments, this personalized mug proved to be a sure winner for this charity as it would for all like-minded Civic Groups

Car Dealership Leaves Lasting Impression With Edible Business Card Custom Greeting

Sales professionals at a car dealership introduced themselves with a unique customized card they presented to potential customers who were browsing on the dealership's lot and indoor sales floor. The sales representative's contact information, along with the dealership's customized logo, were imprinted on a standard business card that slid into a plastic sleeve attached to a small box containing a one-ounce chocolate bar. This small, imprinted gift chocolate bar bore the words Reward Yourself beneath the car dealership's imprinted logo. This chocolate printed bar served as a shrewd psychological sales prompt as well as providing a distinctive and fun way to present the sales professionals' business cards. After enjoying the personalized chocolate while shopping, the customers were then given extra business cards to put into the box, which kept the cards clean, undamaged, and less likely to be misplaced.

Broadcaster Takes to the Air With Promotional Ball Cap

A radio station wanted to increase the numbers of its listeners and used Item 1210 as a fun way for its DJs to do so. Every fifth caller who could name the last five songs played from the station received this personalized baseball cap along with tickets to the opening of a local ballpark. This customized hat was then mailed to the lucky listener, whose address was added to a database for future promotional advertising needs. The radio station had its call letters prominently displayed within the design of its eye-catching logo that was imprinted on the top front of this new promotional product, which made it seem more like a trendy, customized gift than the shrewd advertising and promotional item it proved to be. The listeners loved the cap; the station loved its higher ratings all pointing to this marketing idea as a sure-fire winner for the Broadcasting industry.

Brick Company Warms Contractors With Personalized Mug & Coffee/Cocoa Set as Custom Holiday Gift

A brick company sent all the contractors in its database this handsome, packaged mug set with two ounces of quality Columbian coffee attractively packaged in a foil pouch as a personalized holiday gift during the Christmas season. From seven color choices, the company selected Black and had its customized logo imprinted boldly across the mug to produce a classic gift set that was at home in any environment. This company logo mug held a generous 12-ounce serving brewed from the conveniently packaged coffee and served not only as a welcome gift but also as a perfect reminder of the brick company to its clients -- even during slow or rainy seasons. Made from hard-to-break ironstone, this personalized coffee cup proved an excellent promotional product idea that would be seen around contractor offices and work sites for many years.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Mount Sinai Community Hospital was holding a Breast cancer awareness outing for their local community. They were really impressed on how custom imprinted promotional products help promote their event. In order to create a buzz for the event they decided to imprint flyers, balloons and t-shirts with all the promotional information on them. The items were a great giveaway and a perfect source of promotional information. Superior Promos helped the event coordinator make the right choice on selecting the correct unique advertising specialties for their very significant giveaway. Mount Sinai chose custom imprinted white t-shirts, imprinted 11 oz. ceramic mugs, custom imprinted multi color balloons, and custom imprinted flexible key chains. Superior Promos created a beautiful design with the cancer ribbon and all the promotional information that the hospital wanted. This type of an event is a perfect medium for promotional products, since they can bring great awareness and excitement at a low cost.

Bank Sells Services and Security With Imprinted Logo Umbrella

A bank took advantage of the old wisdom of saving for a rainy day's by welcoming customers opening a new account with this bulk umbrella. This customized promotional product served as a company logo tool and also bore the words Protecting Your Rainy Day Savings for 50 Years. As a promotional product idea for its banking services, Item 1448 worked both as a friendly gesture of thanks for new customers and also served as a thoughtful and useful gift. As an additional guarantee of its use, this small customized umbrella was small enough to fit conveniently in a coat, pocketbook, or in the glove box of a car. The bank selected an understated classic Black for this personalized product with its imprinted logo and slogan in a contrasting khaki color to stylishly convey the bank's image of confidence as well as evoke its traditional values and solid banking services experience.

Auto Parts Store Kicks Off Grand Opening With Discount Promotional Product

An auto parts store offered this personalized key chain as a smart advertising specialty item to welcome new customers for its grand opening. Two Phillips-head and two flat-head gold-toned screwdriver bits incased in a medallion-shaped holder attached to a key chain made this little business promotional gift serve double duty. The screwdriver bits worked as emergency tools while the key chain held necessary keys all combined with a holder large enough to easily and quickly locate in a bag or pant pocket. The store's name was incorporated and imprinted as a customized logo on this small but handy personalized giveaway item in a color selection of White, Black, or Silver

Animal Shelter's Fundraiser Soars Successfully With Custom Cap

A city animal shelter hosted a one-day walk-a-thon to raise much-needed money and to make itself more visible in the community. At the registration booth, each person signing up to walk in the competition was offered this personalized visor as a promotional tool for a minimum donation of $2.00. The donations for this personalized accessory often exceeded the minimum by many times, and the animal shelter raised money enough to begin construction of another wing to its facility. The large brim area of 3" x 1 " on this custom imprinted product provided plenty of room for the shelter's imprinted logo, and the selection of bright red for its color turned this discount promotional item into the shelter's best marketing idea of the year as well being useful, attractive, eye-shading headwear for the beach, the park, or working in the yard

A Pharmacy Rewards Customers With a Practical Promotional Specialty Item

A family-owned drugstore wanted to regain the customers it had lost to a large, nationwide, chain-store competitor. The pharmacy handed out this custom printed promotional product as a personalized item to people switching their prescriptions. This imprinted item with the drugstore's logo served double duty as a handy pill cutter and holder, in addition to reminding customers of the pharmacy's high-quality customer service and merchandise each and every time they took their daily dosage of medicine. This business logo product, cleverly shaped like a scored medicine tablet, is ingeniously engineered with a blade inside that neatly cuts pills, has a small compartment for extras, and each unit is individually polybagged for sanitation. Easy to see in White, it's also small enough to fit in a pocket or handbag, making it suitable for travel or home

A High-Tech Company's Custom Logo Has Time on Its Side

This elegant little business clock is a business logo product that calls the company to mind each instance the client glances at the time. With four different colors to choose from black, silver, translucent blue and translucent red the company selected silver to emphasize its logo and to underscore the modern image it strives to project in the competitive field of technology services. Clients associate time with the company's name, as well, and know immediately who to call when problems arise and time is of the essence. The clock is small enough to avoid cluttering a desk, yet impossible to miss with its eye-catching style and design. This gift-boxed custom promotional clock (with AA battery included) was presented to clients on the occasion of the company's first visit as an introduction to its services.

A Healthcare Provider Makes Itself Known Every Day With A Customized Promotional Item

A medical clinic puts its logo, address, phone number, and slogan on a refillable Shopping List pad attached to a magnetic business card. The pad is imprinted with 26 lines and is 4.25 inches long by 3.5 inches wide, providing plenty of writing space for quick trips to the grocery store or market. The magnetic card lends itself to easy application on items seen on a daily basis by being placed on a refrigerator, file cabinet, or on any metal surface. The clinic handed each patient a Shopping List Add-a-Pad during payment procedures after a visit, which added a personal touch as well as a being a gesture of friendliness, goodwill, and a way of saying thank you for the patients' business. This business card magnet and pad is useful as well as handy and provides a subtle yet valuable promotional marketing tool.