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  • Choosing the Promotional Products Company that is Right for You

    Promotional products have been engrained in American culture ever since campaign buttons helped George Washington win the presidential election in the late eighteenth century. The notion of creating awareness via items or products has spread from politics to public relations, customer retention, new product introductions, marketing research, and charitable causes, among other uses. According to TNS Media Intelligence, today the promotional products advertising industry is larger than Internet advertising, cable television advertising, and Yellow Pages advertising. Regardless of your industry, there is some aspect of promotional product advertising that can help your business

    Although there is no shortage of promotional products companies, you should consider each of the following factors before you dive in and choose one.

    Variety: Every business has unique promotional needs. The best promotional products companies offer you a variety of items so that you can utilize the products that will help you the most. For example, enduring items such as coffee mugs or desk calendars are likely to best suit the needs of a company that has a long-term promotional marketing campaign. On the other hand, less expensive and ephemeral promotional products such as balloons, pens, or pencils are a better fit for companies that have short-term promotional goals. Doing business with a promotional products company that offers you a variety of products will simplify the amount of business transactions, save you time, and could also decrease shipping costs.

    Customization: Just about every promotional products company will offer professional application of your logo or design to promotional items. However, the company that you select should also offer to create artwork for you or to modify your existing design so that it can be tailored specifically to the promotional products that you choose. Although your design might be perfect for a t-shirt, it could need a bit of fine-tuning before it can be applied properly to a water bottle or key chain. Some promotional products companies even offer free artwork creation and modification.

    Delivery/Shipping Issues: First, if you have a deadline, be sure to use a promotional company that guarantees that your product will be delivered on time. Without such a money-back guarantee, you are at risk financially. For example, if you select a company that does not guarantee delivery and that company fails to deliver your promotional products before a trade show, you could find yourself with a bill for promotional items that you cannot even use. Second, a good promotional products company will ship your items at true shipping costs instead of marking up shipping costs. You should pay no more than the exact UPS or FedEx rates. Some promotional products also allow you to use your own shipping accounts.

    Many promotional products companies do not meet all of the standards in the three aforementioned considerations. Take the time to find the right company in order to save you from later headaches and hassles.

    SuperiorPromos is an established industry leader that provides promotional products to businesses in all industries. SuperiorPromos meets and exceeds all of the standards discussed in this article. Visit http://www.superiorpromos.com/ to place an order or have your questions answered by a promotional products specialist.

  • Thinking Seasonally with Promotional Products

    You already know that promotional products can be a great marketing and advertising tool for your business. However, finding a good promotional products company and deciding to use their products is only the beginning. Although many of the best selling promotional products are highly successful at any time of year, some of the most effective and efficient promotional products advertising focuses on other factors, such as which products are �in season.�

    For example, any of the fall or early winter months are a great time to take advantage of one of the most popular promotional products 2010 calendars. Proper timing in this case not only provides your business with a promotional product that is desirable to a wide audience, but also maximizes the calendars exposure to a full year. Failure to take advantage of 2009 calendars now will limit your ability to utilize one of the most effective and useful promotional products.

    Another way to capitalize during the fall is by offering promotional products that are useful to students as they head back to school. Tote bags are an inexpensive product, but students who are moving or even going back and forth to classes find them handy. Flash drives, laptop locks, water bottles, and pens and pencils are some other promotional products that offer students great utility and are also very popular on campus. One of the biggest benefits of marketing to students is that your brand gets great exposure not just to the student who is in possession of your product, but to the rest of the student body as well.

    Fall is not the only time of year in which to think seasonally. Depending on the climate in your area, golf products might make sense year round or only in warmer months. If you want to advertise during the holidays or the summer the busiest travel times of the year then consider luggage tags, which are both popular and practical. Additionally, you can focus generally on summer products or even specifically on a single holiday, such as the Fourth of July.

    Other key events take place during several different times of year. For example, portfolios and pad holders are great promotional products to distribute during interview seasons. Many undergraduate students have their interviews in the late spring or early summer. The majority of law students interview for jobs in late summer and early fall. Medical residents have most of their interviews in October, November, and December.

    The common theme is that effective promotional products advertising requires knowing what consumers actually need and consider useful. That equation has multiple variables, but one of its greatest components is seasonal variation. In this case, the clich� has plenty of merit� timing is everything.

    SuperiorPromos is an established industry leader that provides promotional products to businesses in all industries. SuperiorPromos offers promotional products that fit both your seasonal and year-round needs. Visit http://www.superiorpromos.com/ to place an order or have your questions answered by a promotional products specialist.