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promotional items and promotional products from SuperiorPromos.com - Jerzees Heavyweight Cotton Long Sleeve Cotton Tee

Jerzees Heavyweight Cotton Long Sleeve Cotton Tee


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District® - Young Mens Long Sleeve Thermal

District® - Young Mens Long Sleeve Thermal


Item # 51539

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Ships within 7 working days*

As low as $12.82

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Reasons behind using promotional long sleeve t-shirts

Promotional long sleeve t-shirts can be used far more effectively in the hands of a strategist. It can be proved as a great tool for advertising. However, it is necessary to custom the t-shirt adequately.

Promotional long sleeve t-shirts and its advantages

Use long sleeve t-shirt as a seasonal wear

Two sets of uniforms should be used simultaneously in order to cope up with the climate of the season. One sets of the uniform can be worn in the summer season. There should be another set for the winters as well. Long sleeve t-shirts are quite comfortable and easy to wear. It is not necessary to give attention to the fabric. Promotional t-shirts are made with a long lasting fabric for extended use.

Most of the modern offices come with a great heating facility. However, it can be hard to deal with the 20 degree centigrade temperature outside. Comfort in addition to the psychological protection can be provided with these pieces of clothes quite naturally.

It can be used as a present for the associates, customers, clients and employees. Promotional long sleeve t-shirts can be given out on the first day of the autumn to a simple visitor as well. Unpleasant environment of the spring season can be adapted with these t-shirts. Caring attitude of the business owner can be appreciated by the customers, employees and clients. In this way, a strong relationship can be built. Warmth of the present can be used to light up the life.

Outdoor event with the company can be enjoyed by the employee with these promotional long sleeve t-shirts. It is an ideal choice for tennis and football matches. Walking by the sea shores can be enjoyed in this manner. Fire side chat can be enjoyed in the process. Employee with this t-shirt will feel comfortable. In addition, brand name of the company can be publicized as well. Message of the company can be dissemination in front of others.

Promotional long sleeve t-shirt can add a surprise to an event of trade show, exhibition, fair, training courses and seminar.

Easy process of customization

Through customized t-shirts, opportunity is given to promote an organization in front of the prospective customer.  Universal appeal can be achieved in the promotional long sleeve t-shirt with polo neck. It can be used for casual outing in the garden, playgrounds, bicycle ride or picnic.  This kind of attire is great for a casual as well professional circle. Success can be guaranteed with the promotional tool of branded t-shirts.

Location for putting logo should be chosen adequately in order to accomplish advertising goal. It can be embroidered in the chest, back and collar. Long sleeve of the t-shirt can be used for the logo as well. Look of the shirt can be increased by writing the message in the wrist or shoulder of the t-shirt. Effectiveness of the t-shirt can be increased with a pocket in the chest. Great color combination should be used in order to connect with the customer. More rewards can be enjoyed in this manner.