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Promotional Products - Promotional Items - 2.5 in, 1-Ply Embroidered Med Weight Wristband

2.5 in, 1-Ply Embroidered Med Weight Wristband


Item # 7539

Order as few as 120

Ships within 15 – 20 days*

As low as $1.80

Promotional Products - Promotional Items - 2-Ply, Heavyweight Headband/Wristband Set

2-Ply, Heavyweight Headband/Wristband Set


Item # 7141

Order as few as 120

Ships within 15 – 20 days*

As low as $2.87

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Uses of silicone awareness bracelets

One of the benefits of the silicone awareness bracelets is that it brings an immediate attentiveness to the cause of the organization. It is possible to promote a cause or an organization through a bracelet. Employee of a company can wear this bracelet in order to show their support to a cause. By purchasing these bracelets, little amount of money can be donated to the promotional campaign of the company. Specific kind of a project can be popularized in this manner quite naturally. These bracelets can be acquired in bulk to obtain wholesale price. It can be considered as a cost effective method to raise awareness against a cause.

Previously, various kinds of causes have been identified with the silicone awareness bracelets. If a company wants to promote a cause then it can be done with bracelets. Attention should be given to the designing of the bracelets. Words or tagline of the cause or company can be engraved in bracelet to make a cause more visual. Pinks ribbons are often used as a symbol of breast cancer. However, red ribbon can be associated with the HIV/ AIDS. There are various other colors to promote a cause or product.

If you are using the silicone awareness bracelets for a cause then it is possible to locate a designated color for the purpose. Planning is required for the creation of the awareness bracelets. Information required for the research can be used for the creation of awareness bracelet. Theme and color should be appropriate for the purpose as well. After selecting a color of the bracelet, it is ideal to go for an excellent logo.

Silicone awareness bracelets can be used without a logo as well. Most of the time silicone bands are used for the purpose of better engraving. If there is a logo for the company then it can be utilized for the purpose as well. Logo, symbols and trademarks can be added to the process. Participation towards a cause can be increased in the process quite naturally.

Incorporating symbols in the bracelets can be noticed as one of the popular techniques to go ahead with the cause. Embossing techniques are used for the imprint of logos. Customer should know about the advantages of the letter embossing method. These letters can be transformed in to symbols quite easily. It is important to invest required amount of time for choosing a symbol for the company. Excellent visual impact can be created with the silicone awareness bracelets. Onlookers can be made aware of the cause in the process as well.

Nature of the cause can be signified with the awareness bracelets. Colors should be kept in the mind in the process. Adequate font should be chosen. It is better to stick with a color in order to serve the purpose. Through symbolism, minds of the people can be attracted and influenced. With the use of the silicone awareness bracelets, consciousness can be increased quite naturally. Special event can be highlighted in the process as well.