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promotional items and promotional products from SuperiorPromos.com - Men's Ankle Socks

Men's Ankle Socks


Item # 36620

Order as few as 1000

Ships within 23 – 25 working days*

As low as $1.14

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Five Toe Girl Sock


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Baby Hoses


Item # 36621

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promotional items and promotional products from SuperiorPromos.com - Cotton Anklet Socks

Cotton Anklet Socks


Item # 3919

Order as few as 120

Ships within 15 – 20 working days*

As low as $1.90

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Making of custom socks

Comfortable feeling can be ushered in the life with footwear called socks. Feet can be specified as one of the sweat creating parts of the body. Therefore, it is important to be careful with the socks. Due to this reason, custom socks are produced in the market. According to the logo, color, shape, design and size, a sock can be made for the optimum benefit of the customer. Materials of socks can be picked up by the customer on the basis of their comfort level with the fabric.

Both aesthetic and functional values are noticed with the custom socks. Body temperature is regulated with the help of the feet. In the winter season, custom socks can help you to stay warm and relax. In addition, it eliminates dirt and dust as well. Comfort can be seen in the face with the use of right pair of socks. Protection can be given on the mental, physical and emotional level. Great look can be acquired in the process. Radiance of confidence can be noticed in the face. Lack of good pair of sock contributes to uncomfortable feeling. In the process, embarrassment can be invited. It is better to look for best brand in the market in order to eliminate problems.

Organization orders for custom socks in large number in order to enjoy benefit of stocks. Logo of the company can be imprinted on the socks in order to use it as a mode of advertisement. These custom socks are generally ordered by colleges, schools, offices, sports teams and cheer leading teams. It comes as a promotional gift in the form of a uniform.

Models of the Socks

Generally, three models are found in the periphery of custom socks. They are known as crew socks, ankle socks and tube socks. Two variations in sizes can be found in the market for ankle socks. One of them is little bigger than other. It is normally used by basketball players, cyclists and runners. Crew socks come to the length of calf for the use of tennis players. Tube socks are one of the largest from the group as it comes up to knee. Uses of these socks are seen with the baseball, soccer, softball and hockey players. Air hostess can wear the custom socks as well. In this situation, name of the airline is embroidered naturally. It is one of the best socks available in the market for use.


According to the order of company, custom socks are made by the manufacturer. Designs and models of the socks are picked up by the customer. Prices are scheduled for the perfect production as well. After selection, socks are made in the manufacturing unit for delivery. For the purpose of stitching, machines are located in the factory. Logos are created in the socks with complete perfection in order to eliminate fake socks in the market. More than 6 weeks is required to acquire socks

Process of creating a custom sock should be transparent to obtain increased amount of client. Therefore, reputed and reliable source should be chosen from the market.